Bellingham reveals the best fit for this team after the Lions won the Red Dragon.

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Borussia Dortmund’s England midfielder Jude Bellingham has hinted he might be the best fit for the UFABET team following the Three Lions’ win over Wales last night.

Jude Bellingham once again plays an important role for England national team. In last night’s win over Wales and his post-match interview will be a delight for Liverpool fans. Bellingham was once again in superb form in midfield for Gareth Southgate’s side, which qualified for the UFABET World Cup last 16 with a 3-0 win over the Red Dragons, and starred Borussia. The 19-year-old Dortmund once again dominated midfield after starting for the third game in a row.

Bellingham reveals the best fit for this team after the Lions won the Red Dragon.

   Bellingham is best played when he is free to push the game forward in a box-to-box midfield role. And England benefited from having him paired with Rice and the more defensive Henderson behind him. Liverpool are among the clubs monitoring his progress and hoping to convince him to leave Dortmund. He denies comparing himself toLiverpool legend Steven Gerrard. But admits the former England star was one of his heroes growing up. Bellingham is contracted to Borussia Dortmund until June 2025 and he has also attracted interest from Chelsea and Manchester United.

          Former England defender Stuart Pearce also praised both Bellingham and Henderson in the game, claiming ‘Every team in world football’ wants Jordan Henderson in their squad. “Today he has done his duty. He probably has more influence on the game than Jude Bellingham, but we need Jude Bellingham in the team because we think it makes the team better. “You need Jordan Henderson in every football team in the world. I can only tell you this.”