Bonucci filed a lawsuit against the Zebras for not allowing them to practice pre-season, causing damage to their reputation.

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Leonardo Bonucci, Union Berlin defender, agrees to break up with his old club Juventus. by suing for damages From the case of not being able to practice with the team during the summer because it was not in the team plan

Juventus, a club in the Italian Serie A, is continuously facing problems because of the news of Paul Poppa, a midfielder from France. who had just been detected with stimulants and is waiting for the results of the second round, which has not yet faded There was a new headache arising. When former team member Leonardo Bonucci, defender of Union Berlin in the German Bundesliga, sued for damages. Cases of improper treatment during pre-season training

The 36-year-old defender made more than 500 appearances across two spells for the Juventus and won  eight Scudettos , however he made just 16 league appearances last season. By starting only 9 games and being informed that He wasn’t in the plans. Massimiliano Allegri is no longer the team’s trainer at the start of pre-season. Resulting in the cancellation of the remaining 1 year contract.

Actually, the defender has a lot of experience. Want to stay and report in the summer. But was overlooked from the tour in the United States. and did not receive a player number causing the need to claim damages He claimed that he had not received enough training recently. His legal team plans to sue. The story damaged the image of the player.

Meanwhile, Bonucci also believes there are irregularities with the way the ufabet club and its coaching staff operate. Only after allowing him to practice at different times than his teammates. Moreover, he felt that he did not have the right support. He also had no access to a gym, swimming pool or restaurant.

Such lawsuits also help other players. Who found themselves in the same situation and had no chance to respond. If he wins the case, the damages will be donated to  New Roland, a non-profit organization that helps children. who received treatment at the pediatric neurosurgery clinic of the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin and an organization that donated pacemakers to small sports clubs