Flick does not abandon the chair although the Steel Eagles fall into the group twice

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German national team coach Hansi Flick is ready to lead the Iron Eagles to play in the next European tournament. If the home team will be eliminated in the first round of the UFABET World Cup after having only one point. He insisted that the contract was still a long way off and he wouldn’t give up easily.

Germany coach Hansi Flick has said he has no plans to step down. Even though the Germans are eliminated from the group stages of the World Cup for the second time in a row. His contract runs until 2024, but ultimately the decision is not up to him. After preparing to lead the team to an important battle against Costa Rica on Thursday

Flick does not abandon the chair although the Steel Eagles fall into the group twice

team from beer city Performed poorly at the World Cup in Qatar. When the first match was defeated 1-2 by Japan. While the second match followed a 1-1 draw with Spain leaving only 1 point. Ranking bottom of Group E. with the last match having to beat Kluai Hom first with many goals. Then go and hope that the samurai do not win. The fierce bull will have a chance to enter the final 16 teams. 

Flick held a press conference in Doha. Wednesday that He won’t quit. Even if the situation is not the way you want it to be.” Yes, I can confirm it from my side. (It won’t be my last) but you never know what lies ahead. I’m looking forward to the European Championships in Germany [in 2024]. I have a contract until 2024, but that’s still a long way off. 

2018 in Russia German national team Under the supervision of Joachim Love, won only one match, lost 2 games, had 3 points equal to South Korea , resulting in them being eliminated in the first round from the last place in Group F, which in 2022 from the team’s control Hansi Flick, they randomly ran into the same situation.

However, the 57-year-old said he felt no pressure in the situation. what is pressure We’re playing into the last 16, it’s very good and that’s why we’re here. He did not feel the pressure after losing to Japan, as for Kai Havertz, who did not play the game against Spain. because of the flu Not about the form of play in any way.