Grading Chelsea players, Premier League game, the Blues bid farewell to the season with a smile, winning 2-1 against Bournemouth

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Grading Chelsea players, Premier League game, the Blues bid farewell to the season with a smile, winning 2-1 against Bournemouth

• Long shot wins throughout the previous period. And don’t miss it in the closing game of the season.
• Chelsea wins over Bournemouth and grabs a European ticket in hand.
• And this is the ability score of Chelsea’s players for this game.

It is not considered that there is anything beyond expectations. But playing the season-ending match And the quiet farewell ceremony for Thiago Silva was considered as Chelsea achieving their goal by defeating Bournemouth 2-1 with goals from Moises Caicedo and Raheem Sterling. With 3 full points making it into 6th place, the basic goal is to play in the Conference League and also have a chance to win Europa League tickets if Manchester City wins the FA Cup.

Grading Chelsea players, Premier League game, the Blues bid farewell to the season with a smile, winning 2-1 against Bournemouth: Player Ratings

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 7 – There weren’t many saves in the first half. You don’t have to work hard. But the second half was lost a little too quickly in the 49th minute, but it can’t be said that it was a moment when the ball changed direction from the feet of Benoit Badiasil before then there were 2-3 beautiful saves by Only during injury time, a very important save saved the game from ending in a draw.

Mark Gugureya – 6 – Had a good first half. Participate in the game a lot. Especially the high push in the form of an invert full back. However, the second half started poorly. with the opening of the splice channel far apart Until being shot and stuffed into a goal, breaking the egg 1-2, then losing the ball at the end and almost being equalized as well

Thiago Silva – 6 – Controlled the defense with concentration. And rarely lets go until it becomes a big concern for Petrovic. However, it is considered a harder task when Dominic Solanke is substituted at the end. Only it doesn’t cost more. Until closing out Chelsea with a farewell victory.

Benoit Badiasil – 6 – Similar to Silva, he controls the defense without letting anything go. But luck didn’t help with the moment he drew his leg to block the shot that turned out to be redirected into his own goal. In the away team’s shot

Trevoh Chalobah – 6 – As usual, Chalobah had to take up a position he was not very comfortable with, like right-back. This game is considered to be a very basic game. It’s not very sticky. But what’s missing is the ทางเข้า ufabet game. There was no push-up to help Noni Madueke like there should have been.

Moises Caicedo – 8 – Excellent overall performance in the first half. In addition to defending effectively There was a beautiful moment of passing the ball. To my friend Still adding perfection by shooting from half the field. He entered the goal just enough to lead 1-0. However, the second half was considered unlucky to have a small injury problem. until having to leave the field midway

Conor Gallagher – 7 – Partially credited with the 1-0 goalkeeper for quickly putting pressure on the goalkeeper. Before the ball was kicked into the path, Moises Caicedo shot from half the field into the goal. And during injury time there was an important time to release a blocker. It helped him avoid being narrowly equalized.

Raheem Sterling – 7 – Actually had a frustrating first half. Especially at some shooting moments that do not attract birds to fish. But the second half started out very well with a shot from the left. That turned out to be a 2-0 away goal for Chelsea.

Cole Palmer – 6 – had just received the Young Player of the Year award the day before the game, so maybe he was celebrating a little too much and his performance was a little off today. Part of it may be because they didn’t play with the ball as much as in previous matches. However, they still managed to add 1 assist in releasing the ball for Sterling to shoot the ball 2-0.

Noni Madueke – 5 – There were some flashes to be seen. But it’s quite a bit for today. When the right game doesn’t get as much support from friends as it should. Until the second half was changed to the first set.

Nicholas Jackson – 5 – There was hardly any or no chance to get close to scoring throughout this game. Other duties Just at an okay level such as resting the ball in the front zone Playing football with friends Or trying to find an attacking area behind the visiting team’s house.


Christopher Nkunku (in place of Raheem Sterling, 64) – 6 – Had at least 2-3 chances to finish in the lead after being dropped as a substitute in the final ten minutes. Equal to the overall picture, it is considered to be very enthusiastic. But there was no finishing quality in this game.

Malo Gusto (in place of Noni Madueke, 64) – 6 – went down to control the area well and took care of the right side of the defense. But there were moments that fell off. Let’s see some as well.

Lesley Ugochukwu (replacing Moises Caicedo, 64) – 6 – Don’t be surprised to see some big jumps. I can’t quite catch the rhythm. When this was just the 2nd game of recovering the field. After taking a long break since December last year.

Cesare Casadei (replacing Cole Palmer, 89th) N/A didn’t have many chances to touch the ball, having been on the field before the 90 minute mark and had about 7-8 minutes of injury time to play.