Hendo’s real identity revealed after Williams suffers concussion

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world cup group stage Last match last night. The England vs Wales match saw an incident that gave fans a glimpse into the true identity of Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

   Once again , Alan Shearer has called for the introduction of provisional substitution rules. (In case of a brain concussion) was used. After former Liverpool defender Neco Williams suffered a disappointing end to the UFABET World Cup . The U9s were forced to leave midway through Wales ‘ final Group B clash with England with a likely concussion. He was replaced by Burnley defender Connor Roberts after just 36 minutes, having collapsed shortly. After deciding to block Marcus Rashford ‘s powerful shot . head

Hendo's real identity revealed after Williams suffers concussion

          The 21-year-old moved from Anfield to Nottingham Forest this summer. Praised for his prowess in interfering with his body to stop the Manchester United forward’s long-range shot as England struggled to secure their first goal. Qualifying for the last 16 as Group B champions, after falling to the ground, he decided to continue playing. But soon after he was tackled by his former captain Jordan Henderson.

          After a foul on Williams that ended up on the floor again. It was then that Henderson noticed something was wrong with the Welshman. He stood several seconds above Williams to examine his former teammate’s condition. He then embraced him and looked at Wales’ substitute bench. Soon after, manager Rob Page decided that Williams couldn’t continue the race. He was replaced by Burnley full-back Connor Roberts . Which referred to obviously regretting the decision, causing tears to flow The substitution came 13 minutes after the right-back developed symptoms in his head that he was later diagnosed with. concussion 

  The incident has raised further questions about the rules for preventing concussions in high-level football, with Jermaine Genas, Guy Mowbray and Danny Gabbidon all confirming that. The decision of whether to continue playing should not be in the hands of the athlete. And to be enforced by the association’s doctor instead, by Shearer, a former England striker. Campaigner for change in concussion regulations in football Call for introduction of temporary substitution rules (in the case of a brain concussion) was used after seeing Williams’ symptoms.

          “International Football Association Committee What are you waiting for?” Shearer told the BBC. “Everyone is under pressure. You have to decide You have doctors and rheumatologists in the field trying to buy time. They were able to get him out in 10 minutes, assess him. Put someone in there and then make a decision instead of under immense pressure. IFAB, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do it.”

          The injury tragically ended Williams’ World Cup campaign, with Wales eliminated after losing to England , just days after the Nottingham Forest defender suffered an incident that left the club on the brink. My heart broke after coming out to compete in the Middle East. He used social media to reveal that his grandfather (grandfather) had died before Wales’ first game against the United States last Monday (November 21, 2022). Apart from Williams, team captain Gareth Bale was unable to return to play in the second half. Because he felt the effects of playing 3 games in a week.