How to play 2 cards nine

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For how to play 2 nine -cards, there are quite a lot more details than playing other types. Because it requires the use of some techniques that are more than luck to help, for example, if our cards have low points But our hearts fight and want to stay It may be necessary to use the Gather method to make people think that we have the upper hand and have a chance to discard the card. It’s like bluffing in poker. Which doing this is equivalent to eliminating competitors. Then let’s see how each round plays.

How to play 2 cards nine
  • In the first round , the table will require all players to bet the same amount. then gradually dealt 2 cards to each person after receiving the cards, if wanting to continue playing, must place more bets (raise), for those who think they can’t go, fold or discard the cards In a match, all players next must keep betting until the stake is equal to the player’s maximum bet.

for example The first player places 100 chips, who wants to continue playing must place 100 chips as well. When everyone has placed all their bets, the next round will begin.

  • The second round, the dealer deals 1 card to each of the remaining players, then the players begin to raise. (Betting more) Betting in this round, each player usually throws heavily. Raise until the maximum bet is equal in order to qualify for the measurement round.
  • Measuring round after the second round The remaining players must reveal their hand to measure. Only the one with the highest score wins and sweeps away all prizes from the pool. It will end the UFABET game immediately.