Mia Mertens described the atmosphere of the Belgian team after the news of football matches against each other.

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The wife of Belgian international striker Dries Mertens has revealed the atmosphere of the players. After Kevin De Bruyne narrowly boxed Jan Vertonghen in the dressing room after losing to Morocco.

    Dries Mertens’ wife  has opened up about the “awkward” festivities between the Belgian squad. After the sweltering dressing room incident. It was reported that Romelu Lukaku had to intervene in the dressing room between team-mates Kevin De Bruyne and Jan Vertonghen. As cracks began to appear within Roberto Martinez’s squad caused by their substandard start to the World Cup. Especially the worrying 2-goal defeat against Morocco

Mia Mertens described the atmosphere of the Belgian team after the news of football matches against each other.

           In addition, in their opening match against Canada , the performance was poor as North America’s top teams performed much better than the UFABET teams that finished 3rd in the World Cup four years ago. while the European Red Devils are among the favorites for that tournament in Russia. But their aging team has done worse this World Cup. Many of the Belgian stars are no longer at the peak of their careers. Many are now over 30, including Eden Hazard, whose career has deteriorated since moving from Chelsea to Real Madrid in 2019.

           De Bruyne , star of the Belgian national team In an interview that Martinez’s team is The “out of sight” team that will win this title in Qatar By confirming that they are a group of players who have passed the peak, “ No chance, we are too old, I think our chance (to win the title) is 2018. ” but getting older We lost some key players. We have some good new players coming in but they are not at the level the others were in 2018. I see us as more of an underdog.

          Former Spurs defender Vertonghen was  unhappy with De Bruyne’s remarks, tracing the Manchester City star’s influence in the final third of goal. “I think we played poorly in attack because our attacking line was too old,” said the 35-year-old, with Martinez admitting he was surprised by De Bruyne’s assessment, insisting it was not. benefit “This is the first time I’ve heard those comments from Kevin. In the World Cup, players speak to the media every day, 90% of it is positive. But there’s one or two sentences out of context.” “Players are allowed to convey their point of view. We have been together for six years. And such comments do not help us win. Perhaps it was a clever attempt to deceive someone. It’s what happens behind the scenes that matters.”

          Gut Gerkohfs, the wife of Belgium striker Mertens, described an “awkward” team gathering at the team’s hotel  Hilton Salwa Beach that took place just hours after a Speaking on the Midmid Mondial podcast,said: “That was really awkward. Players are still very disappointed,” before adding that “But I thought it was strange to read that there was tension within the group.” “The next morning everyone greeted each other with kisses. They did all that. So I think they’re all really cute together.”

         The Belgian national team goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois Then came out to suppress news of the brawl in the camp and said that the person responsible for spreading ‘fake news’ would be expelled from the team. In a press conference from the Belgian training camp yesterday, the Real Madrid goalkeeper said: “Yesterday, during the meeting, we say things Openly. Nothing happened in the locker room after the game against Morocco. The coach only spoke for a few minutes ′′ ′′ For me. no problem in the team This complicated situation brought us closer together.”

          “Things are written by themselves but they are false. The main problem is sometimes articles or headlines in the media or social media that we don’t say or the headlines don’t report correctly . We don’t know who said that. And there are a lot of people in the team too. [that may release news]” “In any case, there is no problem. it’s not true We are family. If we know who is telling lies to the media. It might be their last day on the team. It’s important to speak in front of the meeting. you have to be honest Because we fought for each other on the pitch. I don’t think this is missing in the group.”

         For de’s claim Broyne that some Belgian players are too old Courtois added: “A word about the age of our defense? Luka Modric proved that age has nothing to do with performance. Look at Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s the same.”