Go and see! 6 important factors that destroy collagen in the skin to decrease

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Girls are already aware that our skin is flexible and strong. That’s because the body can produce enough collagen. On the contrary, when the body produces less collagen It will result in the loss of skin elasticity. causing the skin to deteriorate, have wrinkles, wrinkles and look older than their age Today we will invite you to know about the main causes that cause the decrease of collagen in the skin. So that everyone can avoid them from the characters too.

Go and see! 6 important factors that destroy collagen in the skin to decrease

What is collagen
? Collagen is a protein that our body naturally produces. It has a duty to help increase the flexibility of the organs in the body. It also helps to increase strength to the body as well. The organs in the body that get elasticity from collagen include the skin as well. By when the body produces enough collagen It will make the skin elastic. Along with preventing skin from deteriorating, wrinkling, aging or aging.

The cause of the decrease in collagen in the skin

from preliminary information We will take a look at when the body produces less collagen. It will give the opposite result. The reasons for the reduction of collagen in the skin are as follows ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com.

1. UV rays
UV rays from the sun. contributes to a noticeable decrease in collagen on the skin layer The UV rays will destroy DNA cells that are responsible for creating collagen. Until causing the collagen in the skin to decompose at a high rate As a result, the skin is delicate and prone to wrinkles.

2. Stress Stress
causes your body to produce a hormone called cortisol. It is a hormone that destroys collagen on the skin. and also reduces natural collagen production Therefore, it is best to avoid stressing yourself out. If you don’t want to have deteriorated skin or premature wrinkles

3. age increases
Increased age is considered an inescapable factor. Because when the body is old will cause the cells in the body to deteriorate as well That’s because the body’s ability to naturally produce collagen is reduced. So when you get older should avoid other factors that decreases collagen Along with adding collagen in the form of a supplement to the body as well

4. Smoking Cigarettes
are not only harmful to health or internal organs. But it also contributes to the destruction of our skin to deteriorate and age as well. That’s because cigarettes directly destroy collagen and elastin in our bodies. It also destroys nutrients like vitamin C in the body. This is a substance that is essential for the production of natural collagen.

5. Consume large amounts of sugar.
Sugar is the culprit in addition to making the body fat. It also results in the skin of the girls. loss of collagen as well Because when the body gets too much sugar will cause inflammation of the body as well as adversely affecting collagen and cause the loss of elastin in the skin at the same time

6. The body receives less vitamin C.
Do not forget that the body needs vitamin C to create collagen for the skin. It is therefore not surprising that when the body receives insufficient amounts of vitamin C to meet the needs of the body. It will make your skin deteriorate, wrinkle or get old before age. Because the body is not able to produce collagen naturally as well as it should.

When girls know about the cause that causes the collagen in the skin to decrease. These causes should be avoided as much as possible. Including supplementing vitamin C to the body. which is a substance that helps create collagen, can be supplemented with the body by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C as well