Messi spends 384 million baht to buy a waterfront mansion in Florida

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Do poor people have rights? Lionel Messi, Argentinian football superstar Buy a luxury mansion on the waterfront South Florida area, United States, worth 384 million baht for residences in Miami. During his career in Major League Soccer

After Lionel Messi, striker of the Argentine national team Has moved to play with Inter Miami, a famous club in Major League Soccer in the United States, which in addition to doing excellent work has made the agency have continuous good results. It is also a big draw for football fans to come watch soccer or football matches.

Recently there were news reports that Inter Miami striker Lionel Messi has secured permanent residence in the United States by purchasing a luxury waterfront mansion. in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, where the mansion is worth as much as $10.8 million. Or equivalent to approximately 384 million baht in Thai money.

For such a mansion It has an area of ​​more than 975 square meters, consisting of 8 bedrooms, parking for 3 cars, and a swimming pool. This waterfront mansion is located not far from DRV PNK, home of Inter Miami. It can be reached by car in only 15 minutes, which is considered extremely convenient.

The report also states that in addition to his luxury waterfront mansion, Messi also owns several properties in Miami, including a house and a high-rise condo worth $7.3 million. Or calculated in Thai money, approximately 260 million baht, is another player who has many assets in the United States.